UK Start-up visa

If you are at the initial stage of your career, and you have some feasible, unique ideas to establish a business in the UK, then surely a Start-up visa is what you are looking for. This visa type is like a connecting dot for start-ups who dream big their whole life. Though it sounds like your dream comes true, for this visa you must have an authorized body like a Higher education institution based in the UK or a business firm supporting a UK entrepreneur, who can endorse your little plan. But would you be able to find those endorsement bodies who’re really interested in your business. While it might be a do or die situation for you but we are dealing successfully with these complications. Whereas we are not only able to assist you to secure start-up visa endorsement but we can introduce you to several authorized bodies who can support you with investments. These decisions have never been easy to take but our team of experts will give you clear picture and friendly advice to ensure a smooth start-up visa application.

Validity of Visa:

It takes 3-months before you travel to the UK to get a visa. And the maximum validity of a start-up visa is 2-years, after that you cannot extend the validity. But there is another option where you can switch the visa to an Entrepreneur Visa (Tier-1) only after completing your second year on a Tier-1 visa.

Minimum Requirement for Start-up Visa

  • You must have £945 in your bank account to support yourself during the stay in the UK.
  • Must meet the English- language requirement.
  • An endorsement letter from empowered authority stating your business is scalable.

Our prompt and cost-effective advice will assist you for all types of start-up businesses with compliance of government guidelines. We can carve the best out of you.

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