Investors Visa EB-5

Are you chasing your dream to establish yourself as an entrepreneur along with your family in the USA? Do you think it is possible to get permanent residency or Green card within the best shortest time? Well yes, the US government has introduced a program called EB-5 Visa program which helps investors and their family to live, study or work anywhere in the U.S.A and retrieve access to all the benefits similar to other Permanent citizens. Although it’s just a one-time investment, do you understand where you have to invest? What’s the ratio of investment risk? Or are there any loose-ends or hidden factors integrated with that particular project? You might not be aware of all this and so you need us. We Migration Trust helps investors and their families to gain permanent visas through EB-5 Programs by investing in the project where we have done thorough research. We’ll ask you to invest in only projects that are structured to diminish the required risk.

We have a team of professionals who keeps a close eye on the projects where they analyze and identify the investment risk and the constancy for investment returns. We aren’t just ordinary immigration firms that lure clientele for the sake of money. We are firm believers in achieving results and customer satisfaction rather than money, we don’t give any false hopes so before applying for an EB-5 visa we make sure that you meet the qualifying criteria.

Eligibility for EB-5 Program:

  • You have to invest the minimum amount of $500,000 in rural area or $1 million in other region in U.S.A
  • Generate minimum 10 permanent full-time jobs in the US.

Money is everything, so if you are planning to invest, you must need someone that is standing next to you and willing to share the risk and that defines us.

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