Don’t just keep thinking to celebrate life in Greece- A country that is close to both Asia and Africa, step up and apply for Greece Schengen visa. Getting the permanent Residence or visa is far much easier compare to other European countries. Now the question is, are you aware about the type of visa you required to enter in the country? Let’s give you a tour before you jump on-to wrong visa-type.

Type of Visa:

  • Visa for short-term stay: It includes Tourist visa under which you cannot stay more than 90-days (for three months max) in the country.
  • Long-Term visa: This Visa includes student-visa, Business visa, visa for family reunification, visa for Cultural activity, film staff or religious purpose etc.

If you are looking for long term visa i.e. study visa or permanent citizenship all you need is to sit back tightly and follow few guidelines for easygoing process.

Permanent Residency by investment/Golden-Visa

You can obtain permanent visa within 2-3 months by investing minimum value of €250,000 in either residential or commercial properties or Purchasing or signing 10-year lease agreement worth of €250,000.

You are one step closer for permanent citizenship when apart from above thing you can provide the basic documents with Business registration proof, tax proof and copy of invitation from the organization.


To get study visa students have to submit application form supported with basic set of documents. Yet every docs is necessary but health insurance proof is foremost important and that is valid during the stay in Schengen countries, also worth of minimum €30,000.

Migration Trust has its own set of principle and well-defined procedure where our counselors paying attention to every individual’s needs. Our feasible legal process can helps you identify how and where you need to invest with minimum risk and higher rate of interest.

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