Can you measure your happiness? We know it sounds shady besides Finland is the happiest country in the world. They are not just hypothetically happy but they have a count in terms of infrastructure, Health, income and likewise. Thousands of lakes, majestic Wild-life experience, kinky food, and advanced education-system make sense why this country attracts so many people overseas every year. Furthermore whatever be the reason to travel to Finland, applying for the visa is the preliminary factor to be considered. Compared to other countries immigration to Finland is easier because the state is a hard-core supporter of immigrants.

If you are looking for Permanent residence in Finland, below minimum requirement should be fulfilled:

  1. You have been living in Finland since last 4-year on A-Permit.
  2. You haven’t stayed back in other countries/abroad for more than 2-years during your stay in Finland.
  3. Previous Permits are still valid.

But in case if you are found guilty for any crime/offence, a Permanent Resident visa can be declined.

Advantage to choose Finland as an Immigration country

  1. The most satisfactory benefit is that you are not required to freeze a large amount of funds or investment in real-estate.
  2. Affordable cost of living.
  3. Least Crime ratio and subtle medical coverage
  4. The Finish government is liberal toward immigrants so they make the whole PR visa procedure effortless and explicitly clear.

Successfully launching our business in immigration we are no more as an immigration firm, but we established ourselves as a brand. Doing business from the last 10 years we managed to attain a certain kind of expertise and contacts in the same industry. Immigration to Finland is the best choice you made, while preparing documents for permit, taking care of legal obligations, investment options, looking after your progress in visa, let us make it arrange for you.

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