Express Entry

Are you dreaming to settle down in Canada permanently or on a temporary basis, but you are still figuring it out under what visa you have to apply or are there any complexities associated with them. While you are giving a thought about it, the federal government of Canada has already introduced a new process to enter in Canada called Express Entry. Under this program immigrants profiles are assessed on the basis of skills, age, education and work experience. If a candidate is able to secure a minimum point so they considered fit to apply for PR (Permanent Resident) status. This whole process might seem a bit complex to you so why don’t you sit back tightly and let us do some heavy lifting work for you?

We are in the same industry from the last 10 years renowned as the professionals in the visa process providing unparalleled immigration assistance to help potential individuals to get through the process. There are definitely plenty of questions you have in mind, let us explain it.

Steps for Express Entry program

  • Eligibility Check: To assess the eligibility, applicants must be getting required points to create an online express entry profile. The points are based on age, education, work-experience, language etc.
  • Documentation: There are a set of documents required to prove the validity of credentials provided.
  • Calculation of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score: Applicants with the highest ranked profile on the above factor have issued ITA (Invitation to apply).
  • Apply for Permanent Residence: After issuing ITA, you can start processing for a Canada PR visa.

At Migration trust we make express entry a hassle free process, where we ensure that you take the right action at every step. We aren’t done here but we also assist the immigrants to search the job services overseas.

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