Estonian Company and Business formation

Benefits of Estonian company formation

  • 100% ownership
  • Share capital minimum EUR 2500
  • corporate earning taxon non distributed profit will be 0%
  • If dividends are paid then there is no withholding tax
  • Best opportunities for business in the entire European countries

Residence permit of Estonia

We provide complete legal assistance to apply for an Estonian residence permit through establishing a company or business

Estonian residence permit provides you the below benefits:

Relocate in the entire EU territory

Do any business

Do any work or Job

Free Education

Free Medical

Free Assessment

We build you completely entitled to apply for a residence permit as per Estonian government program requirements.

Main applicant’s family will get free residence permit according to family reunion law: spouse and children under 18 years old will be included.

You and your family can apply for a citizenship after 5 years

Process in steps

1. Documents required

  • Proper scanned passport copy
  • Personal survey forms
  • your current residential address
  • Some other documents required

2. Lawyers will prepare

  • Formation of Estonian company with suggested name
  • allocate address to a legal entity
  • allocate a local Estonian national for the company
  • Business plan as per government requirements

3. Open Company’s bank account for tax payments and other transactions if you want
4. Company’s full control will be in your hand

5. You will pay approximately EUR 175 taxes per month straight to Financial Ministry of Estonia for next 4 months

6. You will receive all necessary documents

7. Application for residency will submit by the main applicant the embassy of Estonia (any nearest embassy)

8. Residence permit will be approved and issued