Dominica Citizenship

Do you pay a huge tax on your income? Or do you want to expand business overseas under second citizenship? Although there are several programs under which you can get second citizenship without giving up on your current nationality just by making investment. And for the record, The Commonwealth of Dominica offers applicants citizenship by investing in real estate business or through donation to the government fund. But they accept the investor with high morale & outstanding reputation. We know how difficult it is to make decisions about family, their mobility, investment planning etc. Why to buzz when you can focus on your primary task, let us do all due-diligence on your behalf. Our customized services make this whole process trouble-free and authentic to utilize the advantage of citizenship and re-location planning.

Helping numbers of clients from different cultures, facing multiple immigration challenges, investment in different ventures we witnessed their life changed, we have seen the victories and assisted them towards the part of another nationality. We achieved 100% success ratio in immigration by focusing each and every client’s needs. Our teams of professionals keep-updated to the client about the progress of the whole process to maintain honesty.

Advantage of Dominica Citizenship

  • Tax-free for Non-resident
  • Duty free trading in the Caribbean
  • No Education or managerial experience required.
  • Can bring your children (boy/girl/unmarried daughter) under the age of 30 and parents/grand parents above the age of 55.
  • Visa-free travel to more than 125 countries including U.K, Schengen States, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our firm is on the pillar of loyalty and high-ethical standards and in the years of working we never compromised with the quality. You can compare our process, features and cost-estimates with others and you will be surprised to see the difference. Still have some confusion and discuss your needs with us.

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