Canada Study Visa

Canada offers the easiest and straightforward way to the hardworking students who want to mould their career ahead. Student’s lives are quite fascinating and enchanting and that allure many aspirants to continue their education further in Canada. A study visa allows foreign students to study in Canada.
To apply for study visa you must accompanied with:

  • An offer letter from the university/College.
  • Sufficient amount of funds for tuition fees and for living expenses during the stay in the city.
  • Proof that you will leave Canada after the expiration of your study permit.
  • No Criminal Records and in good health

Besides if you are looking for a vocational or short term course (Not more than 6-months), you can study in Canada without a study visa then. On a study visa you can stay till the duration of course does not expire plus additional 90-days, either to apply for a PG visa or planning back to home. The biggest advantage of having a student visa is that you can work on campus during study.

Eligibility Criteria for visa approval:

For Post-graduation:

  1. Your graduation must be completed in aforesaid time periods.
  2. Students shouldn’t have more than 10 backlogs in their graduation.
  3. Minimum score 7.0 bands in IELTS/PTE

For Under-Graduate:

  1. The minimum required overall score in IELTS/PTE is 6.0 or equivalent.
  2. Mathematics is a major subject in class XII.
  3. Aggregate marks should be more than 70% in class XII for applying in bachelor programs.

Questions like how can I apply for a study visa? Will I be eligible to apply for a visa? How will I travel? Where will I stay? – These are like the haunted dreams that chase you everywhere. But considering your area of interest, our experts will help you to choose the right course and university. We’ll work on your accomplishment and prepare you with all sorts of formalities, and that increases your possibility of acceptance.


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