We are sure that you can take out some time to travel to Belgium, either for a long stay or for a short trip. All you need to do, depending on purpose (Travel, study, business, religious events) file a visa to Belgium. Yes, we know as much it seems simple, but it’s actually not. However, why to worry when you have an immigration expert like us to handle everything standing next to you? We identify the best visa type which fits your circumstances, assist you to prepare for the visa-interview, help you for required documentation, tax or legal assistance, advisory services and many more. Yet moving ahead you have to understand the types of visa as per your situation.

  • Short-Term Visa: If you are planning a trip for less than 3-months, you can apply for the visa online followed with necessary documents.
  • Long-Term Visa: You can apply for D-visa (Long-term), if you are coming for more than 90 days depending on your purpose.
  • Work-Visa: Under this program, you have to look after a job or an employer who will acquire you a work-visa on your account.
  • Study-Visa: To pursue further education, students are falling in this category. Although there are few underlying criteria, where you must fit in.

Your head must be spinning considering what would be our role in your immigration to Belgium?

  1. Visa Assistance: From filing for a visa to post-arrival services, we are all yours. With one time detailed information about your purpose, our officers keep their hand tight and update you with every detail about the permit progress.
  2. Job Guidance: In the past years, we have helped plenty of jobseekers to get settled down after study.
  3. Education-related Advice: If you feel directionless, our counselors help you to understand what’s best for you and how to achieve it.
  4. Result-Oriented Approach: We don’t work for money, rather achieving quality results in the shortest time makes us a beast in immigration industry.

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