Magnificent weather, low pollution, extreme level lifestyle, multiracial culture- it all describe only one country and that is Australia. A country where thousands of professionals, students, and tourists are flocking every year, either for better prospects, for education or some wants to experience the charisma of this stunning country. So, the Department of immigration and Border protection of Australia offered various visa programs based on the Point System. On the basis of your age, professional experience, English proficiency, education, you need to make a total of 60-points to qualify for the visa process.

What makes Australia the first choice of foreigners?

  • Low Population density, less unemployment level and multi-cultural diversity.
  • Leading-edge educational system- It’s the 3 rd highest number of foreign students with such a low population.
  • Free healthcare benefits.
  • Can be eligible for permanent resident to Australia.
  • Flexibilities in rules and regulation
  • Encourage businessmen, skilled workers to immigrate under different visa programs.
  • Retirement benefits after the age of 60.

Basic Requirement to immigrate to Australia:

  • Must be more than 18+ years of age.
  • Fluency in English (Read, Write, speak).
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support themselves during the stay in Australia.
  • Must undergo a Medical examination.
  • Must have a good Character.
  • Your skills are assessed by authorized authority for your nominated business.

Processing time for Visa application:

As per different visa programs, processing time can vary accordingly. If you are applying for a PR visa, it takes 45-60 days to process whereas for a study visa it depends how quickly you applied for a visa along with supporting documents. A minor error or missing documents can make this process lengthy and

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